I’m not going to be reading any white dudes for the next year. At least.

For a couple of years now I’ve been working to diversify my reading so as to correct how male and white it has been, pretty much ever since I started reading. My friend Heina, who is full of good ideas, recently wrote about how they have been making similar compensations in their reading habits. They also provided an awesome list of recommendations for people interested in doing the same sort of thing.

For a while now FOGcon has basically marked the turning of my literary year, so I’ve decided to use it to begin (at least) a year of me not reading any books written by white men. I’m phrasing it that way for a few reasons. One, because I like baiting angry white dudes. For another reason I know I’m not able to be as organized as someone like Heina is, so I know planning a year for women and a year for people of color after that is…scary and something I’m likely to fail at just because I internally rebel against that sort of long term planning. Mad respect to Heina and anyone else who can do that, though. I’m just going to eschew white dudes for the time being, at least until FOGcon 6 in 2016.

To kick things off, last night I started reading Scale-Bright by Benjanun Sriduangkaew and it is fantastic so far. I welcome recommendations for books from you fine folks, especially fantasy and science fiction.

I’m gonna just delete any comments from shitheads who think this makes me a sexist or racist against white men. I do this because I don’t have time for you, no one does, and I do it because I am a social justice tyrant who hates your freedom.